Torque Transducers

KA Sensors supply a wide range of Torque Transducers for applications including:

  • Steering Torque
  • Suspension
  • Drive shaft
  • Gearbox Torque

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DSTS Dynamic Drive Shaft Torque Sensor

KA Sensors offers a fully custom service to fit a wireless Dynamic Torque Measuring Sensor to a drive shaft. 

Available to both race teams nd race car manufacturers the sensor can be designed, manufactured, calibrated and supplied to fit to a wide range of Drive Shaft Diameters. 

Every sensor is tested and issued with a traceable calibration certification before shipping. 

Typical Applications Include: Input Shafts - Half Shafts - Steering


  • Wireless Output
  • Internal 3.6V Battery
  • Various Shaft Sizes
  • Full Custom Design
  • 0 to ±1000Nm
SGT Strain Gauge - Torque
Strain Gauge - Torque

Typically this is a strain gauge applied and calibrated on a steering column or drive shaft.  This is a bespoke service – see separate service for the strain gauging of push rods or items where an longitudinal (not twisting) force is applied.

Typical applications include: Drive and Prop Shafts - Steering Columns

  • ±25to ±100 Nm
  • ±20lbft to ±75lbft
  • Amplified Output
  • 5V or 8-16V Supply
  • Full Custom Service