Gear Shift

KA Sensors offer products which are designed for use in clutchless / clutch-free full throttle Gear Shift installations (also referred to as flat shifting). These products are highly reliable, rugged and can be specified in a wide range of sensitivities. 

The GSS (Gear Shift Load Cell) is a device that is fitted in-line with a gear linkage and produces an output dependant on whether it's under compression or tension; thus allowing an ECU to know if on a sequential gearbox a higher or lower gear is being selected and allowing a torque reduction strategy to be instigated. 

The GST (Gear Lever Load Cell) is a replacement for a traditional gear knob and like the GSS provides a similar output to whether the knob is being pulled or pushed. 

GSS Gear Shift Load Cell

The GSS Series of Miniature Load Cells are designed for the detection and measurement of tension and compression forces in Gear Shift Application. 

During the gear change sequence, the driver moves the gear lever as normal, the GSS Series Load Cell detects the force applied to the gear shift lever. This force is measured by the ECU, then a series of control events take place that allows the gears to mesh with full throttle still applied. 

Typical Applications Include: Aero Struts - Gear Shift - General Testing - Pedal Force - Steering - Suspension 


  • Miniature Size
  • 5V or 8-16V Supply
  • ±250 & ±2000N
  • IP67 Sealed 
  • ±1% Accuracy
  • Rugged Construction
GST Gear Lever Load Cell

The GST Series of Gear Lever Load Cells are designed or the detection and measurement of tension and compression forces in Gear Shift Application. 

Installed directly on top of the gear lever, the GST Series Load Cell is fitted with an aluminium or nylon knob. Detection of the direct drivers input force is made when selecting gears. The Load Cell has a pre-amplified signal which is compatible with most ECU's, therefore ensuring  simple and reliable clutchless gear change strategy can be performed. 

Typical Applications Include: Gear Shift - General Testing - Steering 


  • Sequential or 'H' Pattern Gearbox
  • Built-In Amplifier 
  • 5V or 8-16V Supply
  • ±150 to ±1000N
  • Rugged Construcion
  • ±0.5% Accuracy