Non-Contact - Laser Ride Height Sensor

KA Sensors RHL3 Laser Ride Height Sensor

KA Sensors recently the introduced affordably priced, rugged and accurate RHL3 Laser Ride Height Sensor.  Avaliable in either 8 inch or 20 inch ranges.

RHL4 Miniature Laser Ride Height Sensor
RHL4 Miniature Laser Ride Heigh

The RHL4 Series of Miniature laser ride height sensors are designed to withstand the harsh environments of industrial or motorsport applications. the sensor has a small diameter visible laser which is reflected off the track surface to a precision CCd detector which determines the height from the ground.

Typical applications include: Ride height - Chassis Distortion - Bodywork Deflection - Suspension Setup

  • 8 or 20  inch Range
  • 32 to 230ºF Temperature Range
  • 4KHz Measurement Rate
  • Replaceable Lens
  • +/- 0.1% Linearity