Turbo Speed

KA Sensors Turbo Speed Sensors are designed and manufactured for direct installation on applications such as: 

  • High Shaft Speed
  • Turbo Speed
KTSM & KS1T Turbo Speed Sensor

The KTSM & KS1T Series of Turbo Speed / Temperature Sensors are designed for direct installation onto the turbo casing.

Sensing is by the Eddy Current Principle to detect the blades (construction of Aluminium or Titanium) as they pass by.

Maximum speed of measurement is either 200,000 RPM or 400,000 RPM depending upon customer requirements. The speed signal output can be measured as a TTL or analogue volts and temperature can also be measured at the tip of the sensor.

The KTSM & KS1T Series Sensor function can be determined by a multi-colour LED and also a test signal is available to help optimise the blade to sensor tip gap.

Typical Applications Include: High Shaft Speed - Turbo Speed 


  • Eddy Current Sensor
  • Up to 400,000 RPM
  • Includes Temperature Output
  • -50°C to +300°C
  • TTL & Analogue O/P
  • AL or TI Blade Sensing