Strain Gauge - Torque

KA Sensors Ltd offers a full Strain Gauging Service to both race teams and race car manufacturers. 

A Strain Gauge measuring Torque (twisting) is suitable for drive and prop shafts, steering columns, anti roll bars and many more applications. 

For Force, Tension and Compression, measurements we also offer a Strain Gauge Force Service - please see our separate datasheet. 

SGT Strain Gauge - Torque

KA Sensors offers a full Strain Gauge Torque (twisting) Service to both race teams and race car manufacturers.

By using leading edge Strain Gauging techniques and smart amplifiers we are able to measure, amplify and correct temperature errors in one compact assembly.

Every sensor is tested and issued with traceable calibration certification before shipping. 

Typical Applications Include: Anti Roll Bars - Drive Shafts - Prop Shafts - Steering Columns 


  • ±25 to ±100Nm
  • ±20Lbft to ±75Lbft
  • Amplified Output
  • 5V or 8-16V Supply
  • Full Custom Service