KWP Wire Potentiometer

Small and lightweight, the KA Sensors Wire Potentimeter are ideal for use applications such as: 

  • Pedal Positon
  • Steering Sensors
  • Many Other Vehicle Testing Applications
KWP Wire Potentiometer

The KWP Series of Wire Potentiometers are designed to withstand the harsh environments within motorsport and automotive testing applications.

By using a retractable polyamide coated stainless steel wire, the KWP offers high performance and reliability at temperatures up to +80°C. Alternatively, it is capable of operational excellence in cold environments down to –20°C.

The design allows for various mounting options for the sensor and comes supplied with a cable output as standard.

Typical Applications Include: Aero Deflection - Pedal Movement - Steering Angle - Suspension travel


  • Miniature Size
  • 50mm to 1250mm 
  • High Linearity 
  • Long Life
  • Compact Design