Infra-Red Sensors

KA Sensors Non-Contact Temperature measurement with Infra-Red Sensing Elements are packed in a Stainless Steel construction with Carbon Tubing for the electronics. 

Typical Applications Include: 

  • Brake Temperature 
  • Engine & Exhaust Temperatures
  • Tyre Temperature

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your applicaiton. 

KIR3 Infra-Red Temperature Sensor

The KIR3 Series of Infra-Red Temperature Sensors are designed to withstand the harsh environments of motorsport and automotive testing applications.

Fully user programmable, the temperature range and the emissivity gain can be set to optimise the output for a wide range of applications.

Typical Applications Include: Brake Temperature - Engine and Exhaust Temperatures - Tyre Temperature


  • Fully Programmable
  • Miniature Size
  • Range -40°C to 1030°
  • 15:1 Optics
  • IP65 Sealed
  • 0 to 5V Output