Custom Load Cells

Custom Load Cells
KA Sensors Ltd offer a service to race teams and race car manufacturers for the design and supply of dynamic load sensors. 
We will either incorporate a load cell into an existing component or build a load cell to suit a particular installation.
With over 30 years of sensor design experience, we are able to offer load sensing solutions for almost any application.
By using leading edge strain gauge techniques and smart amplifier we are able to measure, amplify and correct for temperature errors in one compact assembly.
Every sensor is tested and issued with traceable calibration certificate before shipping. 

This is a bespoke fully custom service.  Please contact us for our help and advice.

KBP Brake Pedal Load Cell

The KBP Series of miniature low profile Load Cells are designed for the detection and measurement of compression forces on brake and other pedal applicaitons. 

Usually used for vehicle development measurements, the KBP can be used as a feedback device within control systems. 

Typical Applications Include: Brake Force - General Testing - Pedal Force 


  • Miniature Size 
  • 5V or 8-16V Supply
  • Integrated Amplifier 
  • Low Profile
  • 200 to 2000N 
  • Rugged Construction