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(21st Nov 2017)

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Case Study for Motorcycle Rear Wheel Torque Transducers
(8th Nov 2017)
Our clients regularly conduct track testing of motorcycles where we can measure acceleration, speed and suspension movement but not the power produced at the rear wheel. Power is one of the most important parameters affecting performance. Power can be measured on a dyno but the results do not correlate to the actual on track real world, so a solution was needed.
Please click on the case study below for more detail on what we have come up with !
Motorcycle Rear Wheel Torque
(13th Oct 2017)

The technical challenge of accurately measuring power at the rear wheel during track testing has meant that we have developed the Rear Wheel Torque Transducer.  Results obtained using a dyno do not necessarily translate to the real world as the bike is used on a circuit.

The KA Rear Wheel Torque Transducer allows power to be measured during a track test so that you can understand and analyse where and how much power is used around the circuit.

The unit replaces the rear sprocket carrier and works with many popular race wheel sets.

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Linear Position Sensors
(29th Sep 2017)

These position sensors have a variety of uses in motorsport applications including damper position, throttle pedal, actuators and many more

Across the full range of linear position sensors we can cater for pretty much every need with a wide variety of measuring ranges and from miniature to heavy duty applications

A few facts about KA Sensors
(22nd Sep 2017)

KA Sensors are totally dedicated to motorsport.

We deliver the specialised design and manufacture of high performance sensors for use in this demanding industry.

Our products are also suitable for other precision test and measurement applications in demanding environments.

We have more than 30 years of sensor design and application experience.

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers are waiting to help you.

We will listen to your requirements and quickly propose suitable solutions that best fits your needs and budget.

We offer a large range of high quality products available off the shelf.

Also to complement our standard product range we offer a modification service or a full ground-up custom design service.

We will work with you to supply a single component or complete system, designed to match your exact requirements.

Our excellent standards of quality and reliability are demonstrated by a 1 year warranty which applies to all of our products.

We test and calibrate all items prior to shipment from our facility using fully traceable test equipment.

For products that may be damaged or beyond customers lifing specifications we offer a repair, refurbishment and return to base re-calibration service.

We have technical partners and distributors situated in the key motorsport countries around the world, which not only supply the full range of products from KA Sensors but also offer complimentary products and services.

Download the KA Sensors Mini Brochure
(15th Sep 2017)

Full datasheets are available for the majority of sensors in our range, or simply call us with your requirements and we will do our best to get you just what you need.


Click on the pdf sections to see product ranges 


If you cant find your requirement or need more information just call us or drop an email to us!

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Motorsport Category
Spotlight on KA Sensors Temperature Sensors
(8th Aug 2017)

Have a look at the NTC series of high performance temperature sensors.

Suitable for fluids or air temperature measurement 

Call us for pricing or further details!

Pikes Peak - EPS Official Video
(25th Jul 2017)

KA Sensors were pleased to support this project to race the super trick EPS Audi at the world famous Pikespeak event .

Turn up your speakers and enjoy the sounds!

 EPS Pikes Peak Video


This vehicle uses KA sensors products for accurate data recording !

Spotlight on KA Linear Position Sensors
(11th Jul 2017)

We manufacture a wide range of Linear Position Sensors from miniature to heavy duty.

We have a wide range of options and accessories available including carbon sleeves to protect from damage.