About Us

KA Sensors Ltd are a specialist sensor manufacturing company based in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. We produce a wide range of sensors and have considerable expertise in supplying to the motorsport industry.

The business was founded in 2006 by Peter Trevor with the intention to create a specialist motor sports supplier. Peter has over 30 years specialist experience in the design and manufacture of sensor and instrumentation systems and over 20 years specialising in motorsport products.

KA Sensors has earned an international reputation for excellence and quality. We collaborate with clients on various projects and requirements to enable collection and analysis of data to aid performance across many sectors of motorsport from F1 to Superbikes.

KA Sensors design and manufacture products in house to exacting standards and highest quality. Typical applications include:

  • Acceleration
  • Force
  • Gyro
  • Position
  • Pressure
  • Speed
  • Temperature

Our Grantham facility has the flexibility for design, manufacture and calibration of prototype and production volumes of custom sensors or off the shelf products.