Speed Sensors

speed sensor

KA Sensors develops and supplies a wide range of speed sensors for applications including:


  • Turbo Speed
  • Wheel & Drive Shaft Speed
  • Traction Control
  • Launch Control


SPC CAM Position Sensor

The SPC Cam Position sensors have been designed as simple compact sensors suited to the demanding motorsport and automotive testing industries.  

Using proven Hall Effect sensing technology, the SPC  detects a change in magnetic field as the target passes the sensor tip. The output transistor switches its state as the target passes, so giving a measureable pulse train which can be used within standard data logging equipment or ECU’s.  

Typical Applications Include: CAM Speed/Position - Crank Speed/Position - Wheel Speed - Drive Shaft Speed - Traction Control - Launch Control

  • Miniature Size
  • Flange Mounting
  • NPN Output
  • IP67 Sealed
  • 5-24V Supply