KA Sensors wins PRI Global Media Award
Announcing Our New Look!

Since formation in 2006 we have pretty much stuck with the same black and red logo style.  Although it has served us well and is recognizable we feel its time for a change to evolve the identity to reflect where we are now as well as in the future.

So you will start to see our new logo, font and colors come through on literature and products in 2018.  We launched the new identity at the Autosport Show where it was well received.

KA Sensors are motorsports specialists of course but the technology we develop has applications across other industries and sports which means that we are regularly working on some very different and exciting projects in addition to our core business.

We are always keen to work with our clients on exciting new development projects and can supply a single component to a complete system.

Our Technical Sales and Support Team will ensure that every aspect of your sensor application is thoroughly analysed to make that the correct product is specified and supplied.

Please call us with your requirements! 

2019 KA Sensors Bound Catalog Now Available
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KA Sensors GSS Load Cell

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Gearshift Load Cells for Race Applications
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Full Product Catalog available

KA Sensors is pleased to offer a catalog for the full product range of motorsport engineered sensors and support instrumentation. For 2019 we have upgraded many of the products with new features, expanded ranges and more precise specifications.   Please click here to receive a catalog.

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