Sensor Switch

GSC Series of sensors convertor /switch units
GSC Sensor Switch
GSC Sensor Switch with Optional Programming Tool

The GSC Series of sensors convertor /switch units are designed  for rugged motorsport applications.  The units accept standard sensor inputs such as gear shift load cells, pressure transducers, and temperature or distance sensors.  The sensor signal is monitored and compared to a pre-set threshold level within the unit. Once the threshold level is reached the unit switches a low side driver output (Pull down to ground).  Programmable threshold levels can be easily changed by connection of a programming box or can be pre-set before delivery.



The GSC Family:

GSC10  Programmable gear shift sensor signal converter for upshift/downshift detection to initialise ignition cut function

GSC11/12/13 Programmable two input/two output channel upper/lower/mixed threshold switch

GSC14/15/16  Programmable two input/one output channel upper/lower/mixed threshold switch

GSC17  Manufacturer programmed warning module for oil pressure and temperature, water  temperature and coolant level incl. sensors, wiring set, warning lamp etc.

GSC18 Programmable five input channel warning module with multiple output channel functions

Other applications include: Gearshift - Pressure Alarm – Temperature Condition Alarm – Ride Height Warning