Drive shaft Torque Transducer

Drive shaft torque sensor
KA Sensors Ltd offers a service to race teams and race car manufacturers for the design and supply of dynamic torque sensors. We will either incorporate a strain gauge sensor into an existing component or build a customer sensor to suit a particular installation.  By using leading edge strain gauge techniques and state of the art electronics we are able to measure strain on drive shafts rotating at over 20,000rpm. Our non-contact telemetry system equires no batteries and is truly a stand alone system.  Every sensor is tested and issued with traceable calibration certificate before shipping.
Typical installations include: Half shaft torque -  Steering column  -  Drive line shafts  -  Torsion damper systems  -  Wheel dynamics   -  Test bench 
DSTS Dynamic Drive Shaft Torque Sensor

KA Sensors offers a fully custom service to fit a wireless Dynamic Torque Measuring Sensor to a drive shaft. 

Available to both race teams nd race car manufacturers the sensor can be designed, manufactured, calibrated and supplied to fit to a wide range of Drive Shaft Diameters. 

Every sensor is tested and issued with a traceable calibration certification before shipping. 

Typical Applications Include: Input Shafts - Half Shafts - Steering


  • Wireless Output
  • Internal 3.6V Battery
  • Various Shaft Sizes
  • Full Custom Design
  • 0 to ±1000Nm