Laser Ride Height Sensor
RHL3 Laser Ride Height Sensor
(14th Oct 2014)

Supplied in two standard measurement ranges of 200mm (60-260mm) or 500mm (200-700mm), the RHL3 is ideal for use on all types of vehicle including Formula Cars, NASCAR, Touring, Indy Cars, GT, LMP, Rally, Off Road, Karts and more.

The measurement rate of 750Hz and linearity between 0.2 to 0.5% ensures a fast and accurate recording of real time car data.

The supply voltage is a common 11-30V which is readily available on most data logging systems and the analogue voltage output is 1-5V.

Construction is ruggedised against high vibration and temperature. An anodised aluminium case has a choice of electrical connection. Either Deutsch connector or a low profile cable exit can be selected. The glass lens can be replaced easily in the event of damage.

Model RHL3 can also be used for other non-contact displacement measurements such as: Wing deflection, Chassis distortion, Bodywork deflection, Suspension setup.

Bike Magazine Performance Test
Bike Magazine Performance Test
(2nd Oct 2014)

Semi-active: magic carpet or myth?

In a world first, Bike puts Aprilia’s and Ducati’s semi active and standard suspension through a battery of scientific tests to find out if it works, and which is best.

Rage - Hub Centric Steering for Sports Bike
Rage - Hub Centric Steering for Sports Bike
(1st Oct 2014)

Having moved off the drawing board this is now the second stage of the project, essentially a test bike has been built to prove the theoretical models.

With a  fairy conservative 1098s engine (160bhp )  being used as the development engine, allowing the continued development of the hub centric steered chassis. The ultimate desire is to have a 190 to  210bhp engine to be fitted for full competition use.

The leading edge project is being run by Alto Performance